Want Some Free Stuff? Here is a Contest…

Hello everyone! I’m proud to announce a social media contest/giveaway that I’ll be putting on for the next few weeks. I’ll start with the basics. The contest will run from right about NOW… until NOVEMBER 1ST.

How do you win? It’s pretty simple. The winner will have:

-Shouted me out on Twitter, gained me followers, RTs, favorites, etc.
-Viewed, commented and subscribed on my YouTube videos/channel
-Viewed and commented on my MLBlog
-And encouraged and enticed others to do the above

The winner won’t be determined by total number of shout outs or comments, or any “total” of anything.

The winner will be determined by effort put forth. Who will win? The person who shows they want to win the most.

Here are the URLs you will need:


And, here is the prize pool, from which the 1st place winner will be able to pick TWO items, and the 2nd place winner picks ONE item from the remaining prizes:


Milwaukee Brewers 2012 yearbook featuring Ryan Braun
Brewers rally towel from 2011 playoffs
MLB Network drawstring bag
A whole crap-ton of  2011, 2012, 2013 baseball cards (stack roughly 1 inch high)
Brand new Phiten X30 Necklace
Phantom Yankees 2012 World Series ticket (my personal favorite)
2012 MLB Postseason MEDIA Lanyard (only given out to working media)
Ball cube with your choice of brand new or beat up MLB batting practice ball


For right now, first place gets 2 things, second place gets one thing. If this contest REALLY takes off and I get to, say, 475 followers on Twitter, I’ll throw some bonus stuff in each winner’s package. Prizes sent via USPS. Okay, that’s that. Just get me views and comments on YouTube, get me followers on Twitter, comments and views on MLBlogs and you’ll be in good shape. Show me you REALLY want to win, and you’ll be in even better shape. 

Help me out on social media, get some cool free stuff. Simple, hey?


Awesome! Only one problem. I don’t have a twitter, and my parents won’t let me get one, so what do I do?

Just do the other stuff, comment/view on YouTube or MLBlogs!

Jut linked your Blog and YouTube channel in a post on my blog

I just subscribed to your youtube, and I have subscribed to your blog. I’ll spread the word about the contest

Hey Shawn, will you be down in spring training again next year. I will help out. Thanks!

Absolutely! I wouldn’t miss ST for the world!

Everyone go follow/read this blog!

Awesome idea, I bet you’ll gain a lot of followers from this. Everyone else: pay attention!
Paul K


Thank you for choosing me as the winner. I am pretty sure you have my parents permission to send you my info, but I will get back to you ( I haven’t asked yet ). My email is chicubs99@gmail.com if you want to contact me that way

My parents said it’s ok. Do you need my mom to email you?

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